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3 + Glass gift pack - Bestsellers

3 + Glass gift pack - Bestsellers

ALC % vol.

An outstanding mini-tasting perfect as a gift, even better to keep to yourself.

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Discover the botanically brewed beers from Lowlander and get to know the three alcohol-free bestsellers. This pack contains Lowlander Tropical Ale, White Ale & Indonesian Pale Ale. Surprisingly refreshing, naturally delicious. Serve your botanically brewed beer in this botanical Lowlander glass for the best flavour experience. Besides, it doesn't only look irresistibly good, it even tastes better too. The plimsoll sign in the bottom of the glass not only refers to the Lowlander logo, but it also ensures that the beer remains its flavour and quality as long as possible. A perfect beer head guaranteed!


1x Lowlander Tropical Ale, 1x Lowlander White Ale, 1x Lowlander Indonesian Pale Ale + Lowlander glass 33cl

Ingredients & Allergens

Bevat Gerst, Glutenbevattende Granen, Tarwe.

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