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Explorer gift pack cans - 6-pack

Explorer gift pack cans - 6-pack

ALC % vol.

A journey through six different botanically brewed beers.

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From fruity to floral, from sweet to spicy and everything in between: there is always a Lowlander beer to match your mood. Whether you're mixing it into a cocktail, pairing it with food or simply enjoying it as it is. We've prepared it just the way you like:


1x 0.00% Wit, 1x 0.3% I.P.A, 1x 0.3% Cool Earth Lager, 1x Cool Earth Lager, 1x Indonesian Pale Ale, 1x White Ale

Ingredients & Allergens

Bevat Gerst, Glutenbevattende Granen, Tarwe.

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